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CSS Conditional Comments on MXAE

04 Apr 2011

Conditional comments make it easy for developers to take advantage of the enhanced features offered by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later versions, while writing pages that downgrade...

Remove duplicated search result items

[AMS & Publisher] 04 Apr 2011

When the searching some keyword is displaying double or duplicated in the result. As this would be similiar link or article. Hence, it's would be better displayed as single link instead....

Browser Type and Version Checking

[TSL] 01 Apr 2011

Certain project requires user to use different kind of browsers. To date, there are many types which include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Desktop ...

How to change SQL Query to MXAPI

[API] 01 Apr 2011

$programObj = $_mxPub->factory("rm_res_new",...

Custom Attributes

03 Mar 2011

You can actually define your own custom attributes and access it via the MXAE API. This is good if you would like to pass certain parameters to a block tag such as "list". For example: ...

MXAE Server - Changing IP(s)

29 Sep 2010

The script is available at...

Program Listing With Page Navigation

02 Sep 2010

Example: <h1><!--[program print="$name" function="strtoupper($title)"]--></h1> <div style="margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; border-bottom: ...

How to send mail using MXAE API

07 May 2010

Sometimes there is a need to send email out programmatically during your course of your website development. MXAE provides an easy way to obtain an SMTP object via API for developer to send email...

The "cache" attribute for listing and template

07 May 2010

The cache attribute allows you to cache the results of template and listing selector. This attribute is usually used when you can't apply "Page Acceleration" caching on the entire...

The "nocache" attribute

07 May 2010

The nocache attribute is usually used in conjunction with article selector in order to selectively disable object caching (activated by AMS website property "pubsliherInternalCache") for ...

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MXAE Release News

MXAE 2.7.5 Released
We would like to announce the immediate availability of MXAE 2.7.5. This release focuses on...

Tips & Tricks

CSS Conditional Comments on MXAE
Conditional comments make it easy for developers to take advantage of the enhanced features...

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