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MXAE and Openfire (Instant Messenger Server from Ignite Realtime)

[AMS] 30 Nov 2010

In one of the projects that I have been working on, required an instant messaging service to be offered to its portal community. With that in my mind, I went to search for a free and open source...

An Option to Travel Light with MXAE

[AMS] 22 Nov 2010

A wishlist for software engineers, fulfilled. Another way for software engineers to travel without the extra 1 to 2 kg. An option to travel light by just using web based tool to manage your complex web applications. "Find & Fix" in MXAE is described. This article suites your lifestyle, if you:-   • Like to travel with less baggage • Work on different computer platforms. • Need to find and fix web ...

Overview of MXAE 2.0 AMS features

[AMS] 11 Oct 2010

Illustrations of the features that are available in AMS.With our latest iteration of MXAE, the 2.x version of our application management system (AMS) has been fully enhanced to take advantage of the latest technology so that our users can experience a...

AJAX Technology In Web-based Applications

[General] 18 Sep 2010

Businesses receive several major advantages as a result of their web based application development that gets boosted by web programming with AJAX. The internet technology has come up with so many advanced features in the recent years, which are meant to solve many issues as faced in several businesses run by different client companies. One...

Accessing MXAE Templates using WebDAV

[TSL] 17 Aug 2010

MXAE provides a WebDAV interface for developer to access its template files just as though they are local files. All you need is a WebDAV client that supports mapping the connection as a local...

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MXAE Release News

MXAE 2.7.5 Released
We would like to announce the immediate availability of MXAE 2.7.5. This release focuses on...

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MXAE Server - Changing IP(s)
Since MXAE version 1.6.5, MXAE comes bundled with a script to assist our customers to change...

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