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Embed a Google Doc Form into a MXAE Web File


Greeting readers!

It is time to display video tutorial on how to embed Google Doc Form into MXAE.

This tutorial video demonstrates on how to include a Google Doc Form into one MXAE web file. 
It explains on how one can create Google Doc survey form, embed into his or her MXAE web file, response to the survey and see the result collected by Google. You can even collect votes into Google Doc.

MXAE engine can always be "that hosting platform" which you can always expect to work and integrate with.

1. High bandwidth internet access (to view video) 
2. Google Doc login (to create form) 
3. MXAE web hosting login (to embed form)

(Database knowledge is not required.)
See the Embedded form


Click this video link to view the demonstration:
Length: 00:02:05 


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