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MXAE for medium and large business scale

MXAE or MX Application Engine is not like any other CMS in the market currently. Talking about free CMS like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress which only served as website content management system (except Joomla you need to purchase and install 3rd party module) MXAE are capable to handle various business solution on various sectors and industries.

Example one of our main clients has being using MXAE as their main platform to serve their Intranet website that currently can be access by almost 6,000 employees from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Beside Intranet website and a couple of website they also have almost dozen of web-based application/system built under MXAE platform.

MXAE are very much suitable for medium and large business scale because the ability to deploy in multiple servers for reason to served visitor request faster and to provide you the high availability access. In other word people who browse your website won’t experience:

  1. Slow loading website/system;
  2. No "Page Cannot be Found" problem;
  3. Page suddenly 'hang' without any notification;
  4. Website down or inaccessible.
Just imagine if visitor browsing your website and just about take make online payment than suddenly they bump with problem as mention above. This for sure will leave you with negative perspective by visitor on your business and highly possible they won’t think to visit your website in future.

How can MXAE help you?
By spreading server load and process to other servers this will speed up any process and lower down server load.

For easy understand imagine you enter into bank at lunch time and you caught up with long queue while there is only one counter available at that time. I’m sure this is going to be frustrated waiting for your turn and at that time
you has second thought to forget about it and come another time. Its different feeling when there are many counter available and you won’t have to wait long for your turn. Got it?

Question: If I’m going to put more than one server to served my visitor do I need to update content to all servers if there any changes need to be done?

Answer: Yes if you use Joomla :)

MXAE can help you with this issue. If there any changes to be done or image to be uploaded into servers it can be done without going to each server (and no 3rd party software required). Just login to MXAE AMS and update content or upload images accordingly and it will replicate to all related servers in blink of eyes. Easy and no hassle.

Best part is that no matter what kind of system architecture you require, MXAE can easily adopt to your need accordingly.

Based on my experience, there some company out there who making money almost RM100k every day from their website and to learn that only one server handle all load and request this might give high impact for their business if anything happen to that server. So it’s time to change :)

Lastly for small business scale, if you read this article it doesn’t mean MXAE are not good enough for you is just that this article are meant for medium and large business scale.

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