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How do I redirect a page to the search page without using the 'tpl' parameter?

[Publisher] 17 Oct 2006

In order to go to a search template, you can include 'tl=64' parameter in your redirection URL.

How do use the sub-domain redirection available under the AMS (Tools)?

[AMS] 17 Oct 2006

The sub-domain redirection is used to redirect traffic based on a certain sub-domain to a specific page within the same website. Let's say you have a website called "www.website.com" ...

Whenever I tried to update or create templates from the AMS, I received an error message saying "Unable to upload '/tmp/xxxxxx' file" or "upload failed".

[AMS] 17 Oct 2006

1. File permission at the Publisher's "[docroot]/templates/" path has been changed where the website user does no longer has...

Why are all my PHP error messages being sent to Apache website's virtual host error log rather then the designated /tmp/php.log?

[System] 03 Oct 2006

The reason for this is because the file /tmp/php.log is not writable by the Apache daemon which is running as a 'nobody'. This is noted to be an installation bug which affects MXAE 1.5.0...

Why do I see "Blank Page" when I browse and test my newly developed template?

[Publisher] 12 Sep 2006

If you do see "blank page" in your website during the course of template development, please check the following logs for more information: /usr/local/mxae/apache2/htdocs/mxlib/[w...

How to I increase the file upload size limit for files stored to the database ?

[AMS] 29 Aug 2006

Suppose the...

The email notification from workflow and event notification module is not working even though the event did get triggered. Why?

[AMS] 29 Aug 2006

1. One is that you have given a improper value to the website's property of "smtpIP" and "smtpPort". The email notification...

Can I have TSL code within an article body?

[TSL] 29 Aug 2006

Yes, you can actually include TSL code into an article body. In fact, you can store TSL code in any variable. The following TSL code will show you how to parse a variable (or article body)...

Why can't I use mxArticle:replace() after using mxArticle::reset()?

[API] 29 Aug 2006

The reason is that mxArticle::reset() will reset the entire object including the id of the article object. Hence, mxArticle::replace() will fail since the article's id to replace is not known. ...

How can I edit/change the published date of an article from the AMS?

[AMS] 24 Aug 2006

Setting and editing published date is called scheduling capability which you have to enable within the program. In MXAE, you can enable scheduling by editing the program properties and...

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